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Article I. Exercise of the profession

The present charter’s aim is to fix rules concerning ethics and conduct in order to ensure the harmonious development of the profession. The adherence to this charter is a condition to the membership of the AFMDT – Association Française du Management De Transition.

An interim management provider disposes of the management competences that allow him to appreciate the context of missions, their nature and the precise needs of his clients. It equally disposes of an organised structure, administrative logistics, and a network that allow it to handle the client’s needs in a professional manner.

Article II. Ethics

The interim management providers’ partners, directors and employees demonstrate honesty and sincerity in the carrying out of assignments. They abstain – even outside of the exercise of their profession – from all acts contrary to probity and honour.

They are committed to having a non-discriminatory attitude in the missions they are entrusted with, respecting the diversity and culture of their client companies.

They are independent, impartial and objective and never undermine the reputation or the work of others.

The provider commits to respecting the laws and regulations of the countries in which his projects take place, notably those concerning labour law.

The interim management provider is committed to work respecting the negotiated contracts and to act in the clients’ legitimate interests under all circumstances.

Article III. Confidentiality

The interim management providers’ partners, directors and employees commit to professional secrecy towards third parties, before as well as after the assignment, concerning information relative to their clients or companies related to them. This includes, non-exclusively, commercial, technical, operational and financial information, or any other relevant knowledge or communications that have taken place with the provider during the assignment. Furthermore they commit to not using any of the above mentioned or other relevant information for personal gain or to profit anyone but the Client Company and/or its related companies.

The provider commits to including an obligation of confidentiality, equivalent to the one given above, in the service or employment contract with the assigned interim manager.

Article IV. Competence

The interim management provider verifies its interim managers’ competence by all means possible. In particular, they verify the managers’ diplomas and professional experiences by taking the appropriate references.

These standards of competence, relating to the managers’ theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as their performance on assignments, have to be assessed on a mission-to-mission basis.

The provider has to assure that before any proposed assignment is accepted by an interim manager, it has been subject to his personal assessment of his capacity to fulfil the mission before its acceptance. The interim manager can only accept missions relevant to his area of competence and must refuse any assignment that would result in him being materially or intellectually dependent.

Article V. Quality

The interim management provider must have established procedures that allow him to ensure the quality of the services provided. The procedures must cover :

  • Commercial phase
  • Negotiation of assignments
  • Selection of the interim manager
  • Completion of the mission
  • Knowledge transfer at the end of the assignment
  • The assignment’s contractual (legality and clarity of the contracts with the managers and the clients) and administrative (billing, payment schedule, etc.) aspects

Article VI. Obligation of Communication

An interim management provider must inform all concerned parties immediately if any dysfunction, conflict of interests or other event endangers the assignment or implies a modification to the original contract. The provider supplies the necessary corrective measures to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Article VII. Liability Insurance

The interim management provider commits to subscribing to a liability insurance covering corporal, material and immaterial damages that could be caused to his clients by his interim manager or any of his employees.